GoldenGate 12.3: announcement, new features and installation

Oracle has release new version of GoldenGate 12.3 in 18 August. This is very long awaited version – it postponed 2 or 3 times because of some very important new features. See some useful links for GoldenGate 12.3: We can download GoldenGate 12.3 here Documentation is available here:

GoldenGate Studio: Quick Start

Introduction You work with GoldenGate then you know that there was tool GoldenGate Director for configuration, deployment, monitoring and management. Really these responsibilities are distributed among development and support. So there should be two tools: for development and for support. Oracle is following this ideology and has created two tools:   GoldenGate Monitor (or GG …

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Configuring GoldenGate to replicate data from MSSQL Standard Edition (CDC, Change Data Capture)

Introduction One of GoldenGate 12.2 new features is replication support for MSSQL Standard Edition. In the previous GoldenGate 12.1 release, GoldenGate supported capture of DML only from SQL Server Enterprise Edition, due to the method of enabling Supplemental Logging, which is done via a feature only available to Enterprise Editions of SQL Server. Fortunately, beginning …

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GoldenGate Monitor 12.2: how to change password for internal communications

When install GoldenGate Monitor we create special credentials used by GoldenGate Agent and GoldenGate Monitor to secure communications. Also we set this credentials while configuring GoldenGate Agent using But is not well documented how these credentials are used and how change them. So let fill these gap.

Configuring GoldenGate Monitor 12.2

I already wrote about configuring GoldenGate agent for ODI and Enterprise Manager. Now I would like to talk about configuring it for GoldenGate Monitor. GoldenGate is interesting tool for GoldenGate monitoring. It is more powerful and flexible than GoldenGate plugin for Enterprise Manager but it is still standalone tool not integrated with OEM. So it …

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GoldenGate New Features: Metadata Encapsulation

Basics GoldenGate pre- doesn’t store table structure in trail files and in some cases it was an issue: when we received trail file – we didn’t know source table structure from the file. We had only record and this record contained field values. But we didn’t know field names. So earlier we chose how to …

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Configuring GoldenGate agent for ODI and Enterprise Manager (version 12.2)

Core GoldenGate is software completely written in C/C++. But many Oracle tools are written using Java. For example, Enterprise Manager and GoldenGate Monitor. ETL tool Oracle Data Integrator was also developed using Java. All these tools work with GoldenGate and communications should be secured: there should be authentication, encryption, etc. Oracle uses special agent to …

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Настройка репликации GoldenGate из Active Data Guard база данных

В GoldenGate появилась возможность реплицировать данные, подключившись к Active Data Guard (ADG) экземпляру. В отличие от режима ALO этот режим обеспечивает Real-Time репликацию. Плюс ADG дает возможность вообще не создавать подключение к источнику – достаточно подключения к экземпляру ADG. Давайте посмотрим, как это работает. Сначала нам нужно создать экземпляр ADG.