Oracle Storage Cloud Service: Creating Containers Using the REST API


imageLet’s define terms which Oracle uses in Oracle Cloud Services.

  • Block Storage — optimizes storage for IOPS and block-based access and provides POSIX-compliant file systems for Oracle Compute Cloud Service instances. This is just standard disk device. Sometimes it is only one drive, sometimes it is RAID device. But anyway application access it using standard disk operations
  • Object Storage — scalable storage which can store large binary objects with metadata and unique ID. Multiple storage nodes form a single, shared, horizontally scalable pool. Application can access data using REST API.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service provides a low cost, reliable, secure, and scalable object-storage solution for storing unstructured data and accessing it anytime from anywhere. It is ideal for data backup, archival, file sharing, and for storing large amounts of unstructured data like logs, sensor-generated data, and VM images.

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